Roy (left)with Steve Daggett in Avalon Mk 2 - Belle Vue, Gateshead 1978 more pics inside 





This site deals with the evolution of a pub rock band in the North East of England that lasted something like 2 years from 1977 through to 1978 (ish).

APROX 60 gigs in all

I'm sure a lot more will be added to the site over time including music files, but if you've got photos, stories, or even if I owe you money, please contact us using the Contact page.

  Page 1 '1997-8' Covers the songs done by the first two bands (Mk 2's to be added later). 'Emergency', is a youtube of a Roy Avalon song and 'Avalon (our song)' is his song about the band.

 Page 2 'History' gives an account of the members of all 3 bands.

 Page 3 'The Story of Coming Home' deals with the writing of that Avalon song.

 Page 4 is 'Avalon and Mk 2 pix' and is just that.

 Page 5 'Contact' has an email address you can reach us on. 

  Photo at the foot of this page shows three lists. The left and right are mostly all the songs that 'Caught...' and the first 'Avalon' played. The middle is the final set from the last Avalon appearance at the Customs House on the Quayside, Newcastle. 'Rock Against Racism' it was. These lists were handwritten a long time ago by John the drummer using his originals as reference.

  The following Paddy Mc songs were played by the band. 'Walk On', 'Tiffanys', 'Strange Silhouettes', 'Marble Hall', 'Madonna and Child', 'Marsden Rock', 'Vienna Park' and 'Coming Home'. The latter was the result of a guitar riff P Mc brought to rehearsal  saying he 'couldn't do anything with it' so Roy asked for it to work on. The band roughed out a version and we put it in the set. See more details of the songs story on 'The Story of Coming Home' pge 3.

                             'Avalon (our song)'

ABOVE - Roys song and vid about Avalon. This dedicated to our talented singer/songwriter/bassist Leo Mc Cabe who is no longer with us.

P Mc got us this gig at the Whitley Bay eatery shown in the vid above (just around the corner from his digs). Each set involved playing 'Knocking on Heavens Door' about a thousand times a night cos it could be 'played quietly' and would therefore not frighten the horses or customers, or so thought the manager! Think we did two appearances, then decided it was holding our musical careers back (ahem), and left.


ABOVE:-  Roys 2012 version of this Avalon song was played in the bands last ever set.

   The audio of 'Avalon (our song)'                  


John Darmodys list of the songs the first Avalon did

Roy Mc Calvey

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